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Hard Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

LMR Contract services provide hard floor cleaning and maintenance in the Peterborough, Cambridge and Huntingdon areas.

We provide cleaning with maintenance options for all types of commercial flooring from Church chapels, Libraries, Common rooms, Gyms, Washrooms, Gyp room, Studios, Foyers, Sports centres, Halls and many other types of communal areas.

marble floor maintenance

Types of Hard Flooring

    ‣ Marble
    ‣ Stone ,Limestone, sandstone
    ‣ Wooden floors
    ‣ Vinyl
    ‣ Terrazzo
    ‣ Granite
    ‣ Ceramic tiles
    ‣ Laminate flooring
    ‣ Linoleum
    ‣ Slate
    ‣ Travertine
    ‣ Terracotta
    ‣ Quarry tiles
    ‣ Bricks
    ‣ Victorian Porcelain

LMR Provides a Comprehensive Hard Floor Maintenance and Cleaning Service

We provide a hard floor cleaning and maintenance service that is comprehensive whatever your floor type and whatever your requirements.

Whilst different floor types require specific treatments the process we use ensures the best floor finish and longevity of results.

Dry vacuuming or brushing is always need so as to remove surface dirt so that it is not rubbed into flooring causing damage, wear or staining.

Depending on the floor a machine scrubber drier is used to wash the floor to provide a better clean compared to manual brushing and scrubbing. We use specialist cleaning pads or brushes depending on the type of flooring being treated.

The best results can only be achieved by using the correct tools and equipment for each floor type.

The floor is rinsed to remove any remaining dirt to leave the floor completely clean in order to receive any floor maintainers or sealers.

Depending on conditions a blower dryer is used to dry the floor, but only if appropriate.

The final stage is to a apply floor maintainer/sealer dependant on the type of flooring to protect newly cleaned floor surface and prolong the finish.

We recommend a regular maintenance clean to keep the floor in top condition and help extend the life of the floor treatment and flooring itself.

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