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“He removed old stains, previous cleaners had not been able to totally remove.”

LMR Contract Services

Professional carpet cleaning in Huntingdon

LMR is a family run carpet cleaning business that covers Huntingdon and the surrounding local area. We pride ourselves on being professional, friendly and reliable carpet cleaners.

We are one of the few carpet cleaning companies in Huntingdon that pride ourselves on our enthusiasm and dedication in doing a good job.

For a fast free quote call Lenny on 01480 260 263.

“It is very important to us that we do a good job, we take pride in the results we achieve.”

    ‣ Friendly and reliable
    ‣ Honest hassle free service
    ‣ Latest powerful equipment
    ‣ Really clean and fresh carpet
    ‣ Thorough clean and fast drying
    ‣ Specialist knowledge and great value

The thorough professional service we provide means a brighter, fresher, softer, cleaner and healthier carpet for you. Proper maintenance of your carpet not only means it looks good but also extends the life of your carpet too. We use modern commercial powerful equipment that gives an intensive clean and dry leaving your carpet looking clean and smelling fresh.

“We used Lenny for the first time 3 years ago after being dissatisfied with previous cleaners to such an extent that we felt we had to budget for replacement carpets. Lenny cleaned our carpets better than previously done, including removing the stubborn stains untouched by previous cleaners. He is polite, punctual and very professional with high quality equipment.”
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What to expect when we visit you

Arriving on Time

Punctuality is important to us. We understand our customers want us to arrive on time, not early as you may have other commitments and certainly not turn up late and inconvenience the customer.

Respect your home

We're here to make your carpet cleaner and not trail dirt through your house so we always lay down protective flooring sheets in areas where foot traffic will occur during our visit.

Powerful mobile machines

We always use powerful portable equipment which means unlike truck mounted equipment the doors can be left shut whist we clean. It means your home is more secure with the front door not being left open and it means no cold air being blown into your home in the colder winter months.

The combined powerful suction, steam cleaning and turbo drying of our custom portable machines make your carpets a dream to clean.

Assess areas to be cleaned

It's not just a case of start cleaning without any forethought. Our many years of experience means that we properly assess the type and condition of the carpet and any stains beforehand so we can use the correct products and equipment to ensure the job gets done properly and to your satisfaction. If a jobs worth doing it's worth doing well.

Moving furniture

It can seem a hassle and inconvenience having to move furniture which is why we move anything that needs moving. We use special protective foil pads which allows us to move what needs to be moved at the time without having to leave the room (space permitting).


We use a specialist pre-spray which gets to work loosening the dirt and grime from your carpet before we start to vacuum and clean. Other companies may not do this at all and we don't charge more for this service. It means more dirt will be removed from your flooring.

Carpets cleaned

There is a world of difference between the dirt extraction power of the machines we use and those that you can hire. We often get calls from customers who have hired a machine only to find the carpets still dirty and left smelling damp. They are always impressed by the amount of dirt and grime our machines removed even after they have already cleaned the carpets themselves.

The combination of powerful suction motor, a deep pile clean and efficient water removal means that much more of the dirt trapped in your carpet is removed leaving your carpets looking, feeling and smelling cleaner.

Spot Treatments

A common request is to remove stains. The spot treatment process is specific to the type of stain, there is not a single universal cleaning product as different stains can react differently and so require the correct product for successful removal.

Often times owners have attempted to remove stains themselves over applying chemical products only to end up bleaching the carpet and masking the stain rather than removing it. We can often tell where customers have done this as when we clean their carpet and remove the stain the area they have bleached remains lighter than the rest of the carpet.

Depending on the severity of the stain we offer a spot cleaning and spot and blend service.

Fast drying times

Customers are usually eager to get back the use of their rooms after they have been cleaned. As hot water and steam is used to clean there is going to be a drying time requirement. We use powerful extraction equipment combined with a turbo dryer to get the fastest drying times possible without damaging the carpet.

We recommend that our customers do not reapply any new dirt to the newly cleaned carpets for about 3 hours. The carpet can be walked on but make sure your shoes are clean and if possible do not wear footwear that could leave marks until the carpet is fully dry.

LMR Contract Services is an established and progressive cleaning business with over 20 years hands on experience working primarily in Peterborough, Cambridge, Huntingdon and the surrounding areas. We provide all carpet cleaning related services from a home carpet clean in Cambridge to end of tenancy cleaning in Huntingdon.

The company prides itself on providing a responsive, flexible and adaptable service to a wide range and type of businesses locally. Consistently high standards of cleaning are achieved and maintained to ensure all Clients receive a reliable and professional service either on a one-off or regular basis.

LMR Contract Services works in partnership with its Clients to provide a tailored cleaning service that appropriately fits the budget whilst maintaining high standards of service and care. Health and Safety remains a priority, along with all associated risk assessments, relevant training and COSHH awareness.
LMR Contract Services
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